We are driven by the belief that young British Muslims can grow and develop into responsbile, productive and pivotal members of their local, national and international communities when they have the chance to experience the everyday adventure of Scouting. With a programme for young people from 6 – 18 years old, and the equally exciting opportunities for adult leaders. The Scouting philosophy is all about providing a fun and adventurous atmosphere in which young people can learn, develop and challenge themselves, providing experiences unavailble in any other movement or institution. Experiences as diverse as kayaking to coding, first aid to photography, and mechanics to mountain biking are all a regular part of the scouting programme.

Muslim Scouting is one of the most successful tools available to combat the endemic spread of under-education, unemployment.

Scouting should be available to all young people, regardless of their financial or religious backgrounds. We also see that there is an important need to combat the lack of integration of many British Muslims, and that Muslim youth need to feel that they are valued and influential members of the wider British society in which they live. Scouting provides a solution to this.