Taqwa Institute was established in August 2007 and a over decade later, currently has over 250 students. The waiting list for children seeking admission is growing daily. With the help of our amazing teachers and staff we are able to provide the best in-depth study of the Islamic sciences for all our students. Subjects range from Arabic, Tajweed, and Hifdh to Fiqh, Seerah, Ahadeeth and Tazkiyah, and much more.

Our Vision

To nurture & facilitate positive transformation in children & young people by providing platforms and opportunities to access a broad and balanced education & environment that promotes (Taqwa) God conscious.

To foster reflective & productive individuals who take pride in themselves and their community through meaningful and purposeful interactions and are able to make differences through engaging physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually & intellectually in a way that roots in sacred traditions of respect, love, empathy & acceptance and ultimately to be of benefit to society.

Our Approach

To lead by example through the teaching, learning & internalising of Islamic Sciences & Arabic by making use of the most up to date resources in education & teachings methods rooted in Prophetic methodology tailored to modern day order to provide the best education to the students.

To provide a open, warm and fulfilling environment, which develops inquisitive, solution driven & creative minds with a focus on spirit of assistance for the development of individual identity and societal betterment.

Our Goals

To guide and facilitate children & young people who live lives based on Taqwa (God consciousness) and who exemplify Prophetic character in their interactions with the wider society.

To promote love for learning, understanding and developing a life of faith through educating Islamically in a way which embeds a broad, balanced and applicable approach for Muslims living in the West.

To create an environment that recognises faith, tawhid (monotheism), attachment to Allah and the Prophets (peace be upon them) and a belonging & connection the Muslim community on a local and global level.

To educate students Islamically with the teachings of Islam in accordance with the Qur’anic & Prophetic Pedagogy and to instill within them accountability, reflection, intelligence, integrity, contemplation & self confidence.