Muslimah Course

Duration: 3 years (6hrs study over 3 days)

A comprehensive study of the essential foundation knowledge of Islam that encourages good understanding alongside practical application of the religion. Beginner, Foundation & Intermediate levels of study with a heavy emphasis on personal & spiritual self-development. Learners may progress onto the Mu’minah course.

Mu’minah Course

Duration: 5 years (6hrs study over 3 days – first year)

An advanced in-depth study of the Islamic Sciences for committed learners who aspire to understand & engage with learning of Arabic Language, Arabic Grammar, Qur’anic Arabic, Ahadeeth, Fiqh, Tajweed, Aqeedah, Tazkiyah, Seerah. This is a progressive course designed to encourage practice and routes into teaching Ijazah (authorisation) intending to equip learners with the skills to benefit the community.

Weekend Arabic School

Age: 7+ years

The Arabic School is a structured programme for young learners with a heavy focus on spoken and conversational Arabic. While textbooks will be used as an aid, the learner will be encouraged to converse in Arabic with a native Arabic speaking teacher and build on vocabulary and sentences, gradually becoming fluent.

Hifdh Programme

This is a Qur’an Memorisation Programme for learners committed to memorising the entire Qur’an. Dedicated class time is 18.5 hours over seven days and learners should be fluent in reading the Qur’an.

Hifdh Programme (Weekend)

This is a weekend Hifdh Programme for learners committed to memorising the entire Qur’an. Learners should be fluent in reading the Qur’an. Learners will be expected to dedicate time at home and be ready to recite to the teacher. Dedicated class time is 5 hours over Saturday & Sunday.

Two Year Abridged Diploma

Duration: 2 years (4hrs study over 2 days)

This course is for learners who desire to have a comprehensive overview of Islam and are willing to commit 4 hours of study a week. This course is designed to give learners a better insight into the religion without demanding intensive study. The course will include study of Ahadeeth (Prophetic Narration), Seerah (Life of the Prophet peace be upon him), Tajweed Theory & Application, Fiqh of Purification, Prayer, Fasting, Zakaat & Hajj, Islamic Beliefs & Principles of Faith & Daily Supplications. It is ideal for college, university level or adult learners. Learners may progress on to further in-depth study of each subject aiding transition onto the Mu’minah Course.

Part Time Single Modular Courses

Duration: 1 hour a week

These are courses taught once a week for an hour for those learners who wish to study but have little time to do so. The courses are taught as individual modules enabling flexibility of studying many courses or a single course at a time. These courses can be studied as standalone courses progressing each year or as units towards the Muslimah & Mu’minah programmes.

Courses include:

• Qa’idah for Beginners from Alif   • Tajweed Foundation & Intermediate   • Qur’anic Arabic to aid translation   • Qur’an Explanation & Translation
• Arabic Language   • Ahadeeth (Prophetic traditions & narrations)   • Fiqh of Purification, Prayer & Fasting   • Seerah (Study of the Life of the Prophet PBUH)

All subjects will be taught by female teachers with Ijazah (authorisation to teach) with a chain of transmission in ‘Alimiyyah (Islamic Law & Theology & Scholarship).