The waiting list for children seeking admission is growing daily and so the need to expand from our current premises is vital. With your donations we can look to cater for more and more students, teach a wider range of subjects for a wider range of students, and all with the best equipment and facilities that our students deserve.

By the grace of Allah ‎ﷻ and with help of our amazing donors, we have completed Phase 1 of the “Build my Madrassah” project and purchased land on Byron Street. But now we need your support to build a state of the art madrasah to deliver an interactive curriculum based Islamic education. We aim to be a centre for children’s social activity and youth programmes, as well as a beacon for further adult learning. Taqwa Institute needs its own home to continue its services to the community and children of Oldham. Our new premises will hold classrooms, a prayer hall and outdoor recreational space; with your essential donations it will become a hotspot of Islamic education, social development and child enrichment.

Phase 2 of ‘Build My Madrassah’ is estimated to cost around £283,000

We look towards extraordinary Muslims to help reach this target and become part of this ground-breaking project.

Spend your wealth , Buy your Akhirah

Everything in the world will be left behind, but good and bad deeds will follow you till the end. Let this be a source of Sadqah Jariyah (continuous reward) and the reward for your donation today will continue. Even if it is only £1, it’s an investment on your behalf, an investment in the future generation, and an investment for this life and the next.

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Charity does not decrease wealth, rather it multiplies it, as taught by the Noble Prophet (peace be upon him)

Help today, so together we can provide an Islamic environment and the best facilities to educate and raise our children and our community.