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Taqwa Institute
So Alhamdulillah suffice to say, yesterday was filled with blessings. We present to you Oldham’s latest Hafidh, Javed Ahmed
Ma sha Allah TabarakAllah. May Allah preserve his memorisation & may he continue to benefit those around him.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed, participated and joined us for a wonderful evening of celebration.

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Taqwa Institute
Taqwa Institute
Grateful to all our sponsors for their continued support & helping us make this Graduation & Anniversary possible.

Allah bless all of them & their families with unlimited barakah, good health, fortune & allow all of their contributions to be a means of entrance for them and their loved ones to Jannah The Eastern PavilionMalaika's OldhamOldham Fashion BazaarRising Stars Tuition Centre @thelittlebarakahshopIbrahims Gelateria and Cafe Bar@cakesbyAkifa on IG Akifa Bhatti
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Amazing contributions from our parents and children who donated to the Ukeff Winter Appeal.


Only 2days to go! No tickets on the door! *Grateful to all our sponsors* cakesbyakifa malaikasoldham easternpavilion risingstarstuition oldham_fashion_bazaar @skylinetaxishttps://t.co/9HN02mkh0S

Congratulations Naila Momin & Mum Debra & Arianna Rehman & Mum Asma on winning together Ma sha Allah TabarakAllah https://t.co/Ena3atFNxO Taqwa_Institute photo

Taqwa Sports Day! Parents taking part with children #fun #families #parents #partnership

Talent wins games but teamwork wins championships https://t.co/TVrOD3X4D9