Taqwa Institute
Taqwa Institute is feeling confident.
End of Year Assessments well under way.

We pride ourselves in learning about what our students know and which areas we need to focus on to help them grow!

Our students learn their deen, to be able to live it in their dunya and lead with it until the akhirah.

Taqwa Institute
Taqwa Institute
Eid party in full flow today Ma sha Allah TabarakAllah.

Each student gifted a present to another student, lots of food contributions from our parents and most importantly lots of fun & games.

A big shout out to #nafeesamuax on insta for coming along and Facepainting for students.

Taqwa Institute
Taqwa Institute
Whether you are celebrating today or tomorrow from us to you, we wish you all a very happy..
Taqwa Institute
Taqwa Institute is feeling grateful.
On behalf of all of our students at the Taqwa Institute we would like to say a very POWERFUL JazaakAllahu Khayran to all our donors.

Donations have reached to over *£10k* in last *10* nights! #Powerof10

Blown away by the number of students donating their Eid money today!

Links will stay open!

Taqwa Institute
Taqwa Institute
It’s not how you started that counts, it’s how you ended that counts!